NeckStretchPro® Cervical Neck Stretcher with Magnetic Therapy

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Neck Stretcher: Best Pillow for Neck Pain and Discomfort

Are you tired of waking up with neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort? Do you spend countless hours searching for the best pillow for neck pain or exploring the best cervical neck traction devices? Your search ends here with NeckStretchPro® – the cervical neck stretcher that offers unparalleled relief and comfort. Explore the world of NeckStretchPro®. It can be your ultimate solution for a pain-free and restful night's sleep.



1. What is a Neck Cervical Traction Device?

A neck cervical traction device is a tool used to gently stretch the muscles and joints in your neck, creating space between the vertebrae in your cervical spine. This decompression can help relieve pain, improve flexibility, and promote healing in a variety of conditions, including neck pain and stiffness, pinched nerves, cervical disc herniation and spondylosis.
Built-in magnets provide therapeutic benefits by promoting blood circulation and deep relaxation. Experience the soothing power of magnetic therapy.
We suggest using the neck brace, which can also relieve neck pain, for 10 minutes at a time and no more than 30 minutes a day.
We don't think the NeckStretchPro® neck stretcher device should be used on kids younger than 12. We advise seniors to use it for 5 minutes each day for the first week before progressively increasing it by 5 minutes every week. This makes it a good device for people who want to eliminate neck pain.
No, the neck stretcher is not designed to be used as a regular pillow for sleeping. Please do not use it as a pillow for extended periods.
It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time using the neck stretcher. We recommend starting with 5 minutes of gentle support and assessing whether or not you can use it for an additional 5 minutes. Do not use the neck stretcher for more than 30 minutes per day without consulting with your healthcare professional.
We recommend starting with the gentle traction setting, which has the convex side facing towards your head. After becoming accustomed to the device, you can progress to using the strong traction setting, which has the concave side facing towards your head. It is important to progress gradually and use the device in a position that is comfortable for you.
We recommend putting your arms up to open up the shoulders and chest cavity, which helps distribute the pressure on your neck. If you put your arms beside your legs, your neck will take more support and may cause discomfort. However, some customers prefer the stronger support and keep their hands beside their legs. Please find the most comfortable position for you.
The neck stretcher is made of a firm foam material with some vertical give.
At first, you may feel slight discomfort as your muscles and joints adjust to the new position. If you feel any pain, please discontinue use and consult with your healthcare professional.
If you are not completely satisfied with the cervical neck traction pillow, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime product warranty. Please email us at for assistance with returns
To ensure your NeckStretchPro stands the test of time, follow these care instructions: After each use, clean the neck pain device with a soft, damp cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3475 reviews
Brigette Olsson
Very Happy!!

After 2 weeks of trying this Kurvo I am impressed using it only 10 mins a day and my neck does not stiffen up as before!!!!

Barbara Virago
Very Happy

Since using the Neck Stretch Pro, I have noticed a definite improvement in the mobility of my neck.


Works great. As advertised.


I really didn’t like it. Not a good buy for me


Works great for my husband who taller but causes me extreme pain

Brandon Avery

Works great! The magnets are gimmicky in my opinion but the small bumps feel nice regardless. I like to use my Kurvo after I roll out the kinks in my back on the foam roller. 3 to 5 minutes max and my neck feels like new! Definitely worth the investment and it's very comfortable and relaxing to use. Fits perfectly in my 6'1" neck as well as my 5'7" wife's. no regrets! The storage bag it came with is nowhere near big enough to actually use, impossible to fit inside the bag. Maybe the bag is meant for something else?

Amy Hanson

NeckStretchPro® Cervical Neck Stretcher with Magnetic Therapy

mark northam

NeckStretchPro® Cervical Neck Stretcher with Magnetic Therapy

RW Smith

Helped some - good value for the money - need to make/offer a larger version

Best thing I have ever bought for my neck

My neck and upper back pain rule my life. I have purchased every gadget known to humans so I thought I may as well try this.

I had low expectations but it is Amazing I only use once a day and the difference to my neck is beyond belief.
I am hardly in any pain and I can live my life again. Thank you

Who Benefits from NeckStretchPro®?

Finding Relief for Various Conditions

A wide range of people can use the Neck Traction Pillow, including:

  • 1. Professionals with desk jobs who experience neck discomfort and bad posture.
  • 2. Those with muscular imbalances who work in physically demanding jobs.
  • 3. Aging seniors experiencing stiffness and pain.
  • 4. Anyone looking for an all-natural, non-invasive method to relieve neck discomfort.

  • Exploring the Components of Neck Stretcher Device

    The effectiveness of NeckStretchPro® lies in its thoughtful design and high-quality materials:

    • 1. O-Shaped Design: This special design ensures that the neck may extend and relax as much as possible.
    • 2. Ergonomic Magnetic Nodes: Eight carefully placed magnetic nodes offer therapeutic advantages by enhancing blood flow while maintaining comfort.
    • 3. High-Density Memory Foam: NeckStretchPro® is made from high-density memory foam, providing the ideal balance of support and comfort.
    • 4. 120-Degree Curve Assist: An innovative feature that delivers tailored support wherever you go.

    • A Closer Look at the Best Neck Stretcher Types

      Anyone looking for relief from neck pain and stiffness will appreciate the user-friendly NeckStretchPro® design. It is your all-in-one answer to getting a good night's sleep:

      • 1. All-in-One Design for Convenience: NeckStretchPro® incorporates an ingenious all-in-one design that combines the benefits of a neck traction device and a neck pain relief pillow.
      • 2. Support and Alignment: The O-shaped design provides both support and alignment for your neck, promoting a natural and comfortable position.
      • 3. Therapeutic Magnets: Eight strategically placed magnetic nodes offer therapeutic benefits by improving blood circulation and reducing tension in the neck area.
      • 4. Premium Comfort: Crafted from high-density memory foam, NeckStretchPro® ensures premium comfort, gently cradling your neck's contours while maintaining support.

      • Pros of Choosing NeckStretchPro®

        Why should you choose NeckStretchPro®? Here are some compelling reasons:

        • 1. Experience natural, non-invasive pain relief.
        • 2. Return to your natural neck curve for the best neck health.
        • 3. Reduce stiffness, headache tension, and neck discomfort.
        • 4. Improve nerve function and blood circulation.
        • 5. Enjoy a portable, lightweight design for comfort while traveling.
        • 6. Benefit from a well-thought-out design for optimal comfort.
        • 7. Enjoy reversibility for added versatility.
        • 8. Revel in the use of high-density memory foam for superior support and comfort.

        • The Materials That Make NeckStretchPro® Shine

          High-quality components were used to construct NeckStretchPro®, including its distinctive O-shaped form, strategically placed magnets for therapeutic advantages, and high-density memory foam cushioning. It's a comforting masterpiece rather than merely a back and neck stretcher.

          Pricing that Fits Your Needs

          The cost of NeckStretchPro® can vary based on ongoing promotions or package deals. Please visit our official website or authorized resellers for the most accurate pricing information.

          Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

          Our satisfied customers have experienced life-changing relief with NeckStretchPro®. Discover their stories through our testimonials, and see how NeckStretchPro® has made a difference in their lives.

          Trust in NeckStretchPro®'s Accreditations

          NeckStretchPro® is designed with your safety and well-being in mind. It may have obtained relevant certifications and compliances to ensure it meets industry standards.